Bio-identical Hormone Replacement for Women and Men

Hormones function as a symphony and control almost all bodily functions. They need to work in harmony for us to experience vibrant health and slow the aging process. As we get older many people experience symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, mood changes and aging skin from lower testosterone, DHEA (an adrenal androgen hormone), estrogen, progesterone, growth hormone or thyroid. As these hormones go lower, cortisol the main hormone related to chronic stress can go higher contributing to weight gain and increasing the risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 

Using blood, saliva and urine tests we can identify precisely what hormones are deficient or excess and have the exact dosage of treatment you need prepared by a compounding pharmacy. Whether you are looking for relief from symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, depression, insomnia, hot flashes or memory changes, or want to slow down or reverse the aging process, bio-identical (the same hormone your body makes) hormone replacement can provide enormous benefits.


Adaptation Syndrome

This sequence is described as the general adaptation syndrome and is a key factor in the obesity and chronic disease epidemic. The price paid in the attempt to cope with long-term stress, whether from stressful situations, emotional trauma or poor dietary habits, is termed allostatic load and leads to tremendous wear and tear on every part of the body, especially the brain.


The Adaptation Diet

To make people aware of the consequence of long term stress and elevated cortisol levels, I have written The Adaptation Diet, a guide to reducing cortisol through improved dietary habits, and Power of the Five Elements, a roadmap to recognizing and controlling your behavioral stress-response patterns and enhancing healthy aging. Based on these books we have started a program at the La Jolla Clinic of Integrative Medicine that addresses chronic disease prevention and weight management.


The Program

The focus of the program is for you to achieve improved body composition, weight loss and healthier levels of the key biochemical markers of adaptation including blood sugar, CRP, cholesterol and triglycerides, and blood pressure. We will help you develop a lifestyle program including:

  • exercise program
  • stress reduction
  • relaxation techniques.
  • dietary recommendations
  • nutritional supplements
  • behavioral suggestions


The Adaptation Questionnaire

You can measure your adaptation quotient by filling out the Adaptation Questionnaire. If your score is elevated and you are interested in reducing your cortisol levels, losing excess weight and decreasing your risk for chronic disease, additional assessments should be undertaken. These include a limited number of lab tests such as salivary cortisol levels and selected blood tests, body composition measurements and additional questionnaires. Through these evaluations, an individualized program to improve your adaptation will be developed for you.

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