The Adaptation Questionnaire:

Measure Your Risk for Chronic Illness

Stress, whether its emotional, physical, biochemical, environmental or dietary is often the reason for poor health and disease. Adapting well to stress is the way to maintain wellness. The hallmark of poor adaptation is dysregulation of the main stress hormone, cortisol. 
The following signs and symptoms could indicate cortisol issues and increased risk for both acute and long-term health issues. Though many of these symptoms can be seen with a range of medical problems, the underlying issue often is maladaptation - the impact on your health of having elevated cortisol levels from long term stress. After completing the questionnaire total the points and use the scoring guide below.

Early physical signs
and symptoms:

Total: 0 Points

Early emotional and
behavioral signs:

Total: 0 Points

Score 1 point for each symptom in the Early signs lists.

Later Signs/Symptoms of

Total: 0 Points

Long-Term Outcomes of

Total: 0 Points

Score 2 points for each symptom in the Later signs or Long-term outcome list.

Grand Total:

Scoring Guide:

Mild Maladaption
Moderate Maladaption
Significant Maladaption


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