Bio-identical Hormone Replacement for
Women & Men


Hormones function as a symphony and control almost all bodily functions. They need to work in harmony for us to experience vibrant health and slow the aging process. As we get older many people experience symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, mood changes and aging skin from lower testosterone, DHEA (an adrenal androgen hormone), estrogen, progesterone, growth hormone or thyroid. As these hormones go lower, cortisol the main hormone related to chronic stress can go higher contributing to weight gain and increasing the risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Using blood, saliva and urine tests we can identify precisely what hormones are deficient or excess and have the exact dosage of treatment you need prepared by a compounding pharmacy. Whether you are looking for relief from symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, depression, insomnia, hot flashes or memory changes, or want to slow down or reverse the aging process, bio-identical (the same hormone your body makes) hormone replacement can provide enormous benefits.


The following symptoms can occur from hormone imbalance starting at
any age:

  • Thyroid - fatigue, weight gain, dry skin and hair, poor memory, constipation, hair loss
  • Testosterone - depression, fatigue, increase abdominal fat, loss of muscle mass and tone, poor sleep, lack of motivation or confidence,low libido and poor sexual performance

  • Estrogen - problems with menstrual cycles, insomnia, hot flashes and night sweats, poor memory,  anxiety, low libido, aging skin

  • Progesterone - premenstrual mood changes, insomnia, heavy periods, anxiety

  • DHEA - weakness, fatigue, poor muscle tone, slow recovery from exercise

  • Cortisol - intolerance to stress, weight gain, fatigue especially after exertion, sleep issues, crave sweets, joint pain,allergic symptoms, irritable bowel symptoms, gastritis, auto-immune disorders, feelings of doom

  • Growth Hormone - weight gain, loss muscle tone, aging skin, droopy eyes, weakness, hollow face


Once we assess your hormone needs and start treatment you
could experience:

  • Weight loss, loss of excess abdominal fat and less fluid retention
  • Deeper and more restorative sleep-critical for not only better energy but preventing weight gain and lowering risk for heart disease

  • Healthier bones, muscles and skin- a younger appearance

  • Improved libido and a more satisfying sexual life

  • Better mood, relief from depression, anxiety and moodiness, improved cognitive function


Don't accept that there is nothing to do for your symptoms or that hormone treatment is not safe (the studies showing increase risk from hormones employed synthetic not bio-identical hormones). You can experience high-level wellness at any age with proper treatment and good self-care.