A Three-Step Approach to Control Cortisol, Lose Weight, and Prevent Chronic Disease


The Adaptation Diet


About the Book

What you eat determines how stress affects your health. You can protect yourself from the damaging effects of cortisol, the main stress hormone, through The Adaptation Diet which presents a clinically proven plan to lower levels of cortisol and lose weight. By reducing excess cortisol, you can:

• Decrease your risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure

• Lose the fat around your midsection and increase your lean muscle mass

• Improve your ability to adapt to emotional and situational stress


The Three Step Program

  1. Detoxification
  2. Elimination of common food allergens
  3. Implementation of an anti-inflammatory diet



In addition, using the newly emerging science of epigenetics, Dr. Charles Moss explains how diet and environment influence our biological destiny, and he provides more than 100 delicious recipes, as well as menu plans, for life-long control of biochemical stress. You’ll learn which are the five most bioactive foods that protect gene expression and help reduce your risk for obesity as well as how to protect your children’s gene expression before they are even born. By following the right dietary suggestions, as well as avoiding environmental obesogens, we can change ourselves right down to our genes and reduce our chances for disease.

The Adaptation Diet is based on Dr Moss’ experience of over 35 years assisting thousands of patients in regaining adaptation, losing weight and preventing chronic disease. The information is thoroughly researched and has proven to be vital to many people in their search for optimal health.


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“The Adaptation Diet provides user-friendly but scientifically supported information that not only correlates so many of our modern-day diseases with our stressful environment, but more importantly, gives readers the tools to undo the damage.”

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM
author of The Better Brain Book


“If you have no hope you can ever lose weight and feel at peace, read The Adaptation Diet by Dr. Charles Moss. It provides clear, concise suggestions that can help you shed not only the pounds but also many of your other health concerns. Yes, you are holding the book that has proven sensible recommendations and explanations to resolve many medical challenges. Turn your life around today by simply trying this diet.”

Doris J. Rapp, MD
author of Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call


“The Adaptation Diet offers a unique perspective on weight loss, pointing out the weight-gaining effects of ‘dietary stress,’ and how to deal with them. Going way beyond just calorie control, Dr. Charles Moss points out that dietary stress reduction—with or without calorie reduction—will result in significant and sustained weight loss. He tells us which foods and supplements actually reduce the food-stress-induced, over-active cortisol response, allowing that elusive goal, weight loss, to happen while at the same time improving your health. If you want to lose weight, The Adaptation Diet is an excellent place to start!

Jonathan Wright, MD
Editor, Nutrition & Healing Newsletter


“Dr. Charles Moss has been a true pioneer in the development of integrative medicine. His successful consolidation of Western medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine and other healing arts has assisted tens of thousands of patients over the past thirty years. He has been a master clinician and teacher who has developed programs that deliver successful outcomes with numerous chronic illnesses. His approach is sensible, well- founded from experience, and grounded in the translational science of our age.”

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB
resident, MetaProteomics and Chief Science Officer, Metagenics


“Dr. Moss is a colleague I’ve admired for decades for his competence, compassion, clarity, and communication style. His latest book reflects his considerable accomplishments in ways accessible for all those interested in better health. With epigenetics or lifestyle and environment determining 92 percent of health due to what we eat, drink, think, and do, the healthier choices recommended in this guide can add years to life and life to years.”

Dr. Russ Jaffe, MD, PhD
Founder/Chief Executive Officer Fellow, Health Studies Collegium Perque Integrative Health Elisa/Act Biotechnologies


“Too tired to exercise? Is your willpower ambushed by unrelenting food cravings? Start reclaiming your health with The Adaptation Diet. Patients self-prescribing this book can consider it as a toehold for scaling impediments to optimal wellness. They can be confident in the medical science and in Dr. Moss.”

Ingrid Kohlstadt, MD, MPH, FACPM
FACN Faculty, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Executive Director, NutriBee National Nutrition Competition, Inc. Editor, Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients


“As a colleague of Dr. Charles Moss in integrative medicine since the 1970s, I can attest to his pioneering work in nutritional medicine, and to his wide-ranging knowledge and contemporary application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the world’s oldest mind-body medicine model. In this book he blends the wisdom of the latter with his thirty-five years of practical clinical experience with cutting-edge nutritional medicine. The result is a book that helps the reader deal with modern health risks with clear and practical suggestions and with the wider understanding of how our diet itself directly affects our stress levels. Both TCM and modern Western medicine would agree that our overall ability to handle stress is a foundational skill for vital living and the single most important preventive principle for all modern diseases.”

Ronald Puhky, MD, BAc
Dip Ac. Medical Director, InspireHealth Integrative Cancer Center, Victoria, BC

Are you ready for change?

A poor diet stresses the natural adaptive functions of your body and mind. This often triggers cravings for even more unhealthy foods and snacks. Many people today are caught in this poor nutrition spiral that leads to weight gain, anxiety and stress to every system with a less-than-optimal prognosis.

The Adaptation Diet book is the best place to start to break out of this unhealthy dietary spiral. When adopting a more active and healthy lifestyle you will recognize that prevention is better than treatment in an attempt to cure.

YOU are the most important member of your health care team. With the guidance and insights that you will gain from The Adaptation Diet, you will be empowered to take charge and begin the steps toward feeling, looking and performing better.

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